Monday, March 25, 2013

Samsung’s Changing Patent Strategy

According to Asia Economy in S. Korea, Samsung’s top executives mentioned that Samsung will change its patent strategy from defensive to offensive. As a part of its now patent strategy, Samsung Electronics aggressively hired patent professionals over several years. Now, Samsung’s central IP center includes more than 500 patent professionals.

In addition to the IP center for the patent management of whole Samsung’s business divisions, IM division also has its own patent unit consisting of patent experts from major ICT companies in the US and EU exclusively for its smartphone business. Furthermore, Samsung’s SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) also operating its own patent unit for R&D in emerging technologies.

A Samsung’s top executive mentioned that Samsung will form a creative environment for new ideas creation and encourage its employees file patents from the new ideals. Another Samsung’s top executive also mentioned that Samsung will also form a collaborative ecosystem by providing its patent portfolios to Korean SMEs to help their business.

According to Asia Economy, Samsung is now creating its essential IPRs at the early stage of new products development. Furthermore, Samsung’s patenting activities cover not only the core business such as semiconductors, telecommunications, displays, but also designs and SWs such as UX for smartphones. Samsung also plans to create or acquire patents, which might be used as strategic business weapons for potential patent wars.

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