Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deep UX: Next Frontline of Smartphone Patent Arms Race

DUXs (Deep User experiences) can be defined as intensified realistic user experiences. The essential building blocks for DUXs are the advanced sensing and locating technologies such as augmented realities and 3D imaging technologies combined with conventional user experience SWs providing the “Look, Feel and Function. Short range wireless technologies (NFC, WBAN, BSN, Gigabit WiFi) connecting to other innovative smart devices (smart glass, smart watch, smart TV) will also play an important role in providing DUXs through smartphones.

Many smartphone experts expect that no significant upgrade will be possible for a viable time from the current main specifications for premium smartphones: Double-Quad core mobile application processor, Full HD (1920×1080) OLED display, 13 megapixels camera. Thus, it is expected that innovations for DUXs will lead the competitions among premium smartphones for the time being.

From the above mentioned expectation, therefore, no one will doubt about the important of IPRs for DUXs in preparing possible future smartphone patent wars. Then, the question will be “what is the best strategy for creating, acquiring, and exploiting the essential IPRs for DUXs?”

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