Monday, September 26, 2016

IoT + AI + Big Data Integration Strategy Insights from Patents 3Q 2016


1. IoT Innovation Insights from Patents

2. IoT Frontiers Insights from Patents

3. IoT Strategy Perspectives from Patents

4. IoT Innovation Exploiting Patents

5. IoT Patent Strategy

6. IoT Startup Patent Strategy

7. IoT for Business Growth Insight from Patents

8. Artificial Intelligence Innovation Insight from Patents

9. Big Data Innovation Insight from Patents

10. IoT + AI+ Big Data Integration Strategy Insight from Patents

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Friday, September 23, 2016

AI Deep Learning Patents Data 3Q 2016

AI Deep Learning Patents Data 3Q 2016 is a custom research of TechIPm, LLC ( based on the analysis of the published patent applications and issued patents in the USPTO regarding the AI (Artificial Intelligence) deep learning techniques.


1. Search for the AI deep learning related patents.

l  Search the USPTO database for the AI deep learning related published patent applications and issued patent as of 3Q 2016

2. Review the searched patents for the key AI deep learning patents.

l  Categorize the identified patents by Industry
Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Consulting, Consumer Electronics. Defense, Education, Entertainment, Government, Industrial, Internet, IT solution, Medical, Device, Pharmaceuticals, PME (Patent Monetization Entity), R&D (including university), Security, Semiconductor, Software, and Telecom

l  Categorize the identified patents by the key application
       Automation Rule Creation, Character Recognition, Cloud Computing,
       Computer Vision, Control Automation, Cyber Security, Data Processing,
       Detecting Abnormalities, Document Classification, Feature Extraction, 
       Financial/Investment Analysis, Human Action Recognition,
       Human Emotion Recognition, Human Mental State Recognition ,
       Image Classification, Natural Language Processing, Object/Image Recognition,
       Online Search, Pattern Recognition, People Counting,
       Predictive Analytics/Decision Supporting System, Recommendation System,
       Speech Recognition, and Telecom/Computer Network Management


MS excel file for assignee, patent number (hyperlinked to Google Patent), title, priority year, application category, industry category

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

IoT Innovation Opportunity

Liquidax Capital, LLC is an investment advisory firm sponsoring and managing private equity innovation funds. The Liquidax debut fund; Liquidax Global Exchange Fund I, LP focuses on the acquisition and monetization of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and intellectual property rights for target injection into numerous public companies operating on global stock exchanges, as well as, venture capital backed private companies boosting business growth and expediting exits.

Liquidax invests its IoT innovation platform to partner companies for providing competitive advantages in the IoT market. Liquidax's strategically packaged technology that is in complete alignment with IPR enables cost effective and faster time to market innovation. If you are looking for a new opportunity in the IoT market, I would enjoy having a discussion and sharing more.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Apple v. Google v. Samsung Patent Value for NFC Smartphone Payment

Contrast value of Apple, Google, and Samsung patents for NFC smartphone payment that are issued in the USPTO as of 2Q, 2016:

To evaluate the economic value of patents for NFC smartphone payment, patents regarding the NFC-equipped smartphones and systems/applications for the mobile payments are searched and reviewed. WISDOMAIN’s automated patent valuation tool is used to estimate economic value of the identified key patents for NFC smartphone payment. WISDOMAIN’s automated patent valuation tool evaluates the economic value of a patent based on the market size, profit contribution, and technology lifecycle of a given patent.

No. of Patents
*A+ is the highest value

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokemon Go Provides Insights Regarding IoT Innovations Based on Existing Patented Technologies

HBS Professor Iansiti, the author of “The Keystone Advantage,” suggested technological assimilation as a new engine for technological innovations in his article “Creative Construction.” In the technological assimilation frameworks, a core innovation that once provided stand-alone products or services for a specific market can be the building blocks for mass market generating innovation through assimilation to broader platforms and exploitation of innovation infrastructures that were not existed at the time of innovation. Recent market success of Pokemon Go proves the technological assimilation as a new engine for technological innovations: AR game engine innovation generated mass market through assimilation to the smartphone platform and exploitation of LBS (location based services) infrastructure.

Goldman Sachs defines the IoT (Internet of Things) as the third wave of internet revolution: By connecting billions of devices to the internet, the IoT can open up a host of new business opportunities and challenges. Even though the IoT is getting a huge attention recently the concept of interconnected billions of devices is not new and has been under development for over 10 years. Thus, there are a large number of related patented technologies that can be exploited for developing new products/services, and thus, new business for the emerging IoT market.

A strategically packaged patent portfolio is the collection of patents that synergistically integrates value propositions of each patent of the portfolio. The synergistically integrated value propositions target specific value propositions that are provided by emerging new products/services.  By designing the technologies provided by the strategically packaged patent portfolio to assimilate existing or emerging IoT platforms (e.g., smart home hub platform) and to exploit innovation existing or emerging infrastructure (e.g., Low power/cost IoT connectivity), existing patents can be exploited for new IoT business creation.

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