Friday, September 2, 2011

Mosaid's Nokia Patents May Be Risks to Google and Apple

Ottawa-based patent licensing company Mosaid (a famous NPE) announced an acquisition of Nokia's patents including LTE patents:

Based on the recent TechIPm's comparative analysis for LTE patent portfolios among Nokia, Motorola, Nortel, and InterDigital, it is expected that Mosaid's aggressive administration of Nokia's LTE patents can be potential risks for Google's and Apple's smartphone business.

TechIPm, LLC ( provides patent portfolio evaluation service for patent due diligence in mobile business acquisition. LTE patent portfolio evaluation can provide the followings.

1. What is the quality of the LTE patent portfolio?

Categorize the identified patents through the evaluation process by technology in the standard specifications Key technology components for an implementation of the LTE baseband modem: OFDM/OFDMA (Frame & Slot Structure, Modulation), SC-FDMA (PUSCH, PUCCH), Channel Estimation (UL RS, DL RS, CQI), Cell Search & Connection (PRACH, DL SS), MIMO (Transmit Diversity, Spatial Multiplexing), Resource Management (Resource Allocation, Scheduling), Coding (Convolution, Turbo), Power Control, and HARQ. Key technology components for an implementation of the LTE radio protocol: Random Access, HARQ, Channel Prioritization, Scheduling (Dynamic, SPS), Protocol Format (PDUs, SDUs), Radio Link Control (ARQ), PDCP Process (SRB, DRB, ROHC), Security (Ciphering, Integrity), System Information, Connection Control, and Mobility (Handover, Inter-RAT, Measurements).

Evaluate the level of essentiality Essentiality Index (EI): E1 : Patent disclosure is weakly related to LTE technical specifications E2 : Patent disclosure is partially related to LTE technical specifications E3 : Patent disclosure is related to LTE technical specifications overall E4.

2. What are the strengths/weaknesses of the LTE patent portfolio?

Comparative analysis among the patent portfolios (e.g. Nokia v. Motorola) by technology. Answer for what critical holes in patent landscape are there to be filled & who has patent portfolio to fill those holes.

3. Who is the best candidate for mobile business acquisition considering the business integration and/or compatibility?

4. What are the potential risks considering the possible patent lawsuits?

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