Saturday, September 3, 2011

Samsung's Mistake for InterDigital's Patents Acquisition

According to a S. Korea's news media, Seoul Economic Daily, Samsung finally decided that it will not participate in auction for InterDigital's patents:

After Apple's acquisition of Nortel's patents, Samsung had expressed that it is interested in bidding for InterDigital's patents:

Samsung told to the media that there will be more lost then benefit for buying the patents because of price bubble in InterDigital's patents. It may be true if Samsung do not consider its strong competitor- Apple.

According to TechIPm's analysis for LTE patents, some part of InterDigita's LTE patent portfolio have a relative competitiveness over Samsung's, and it may be a good tool to Apple to attack Samsung, if it acquires InterDigital's patents.

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4. Who is the best candidate for mobile business acquisition considering the business integration and/or compatibility?
5.What are the potential risks considering the possible patent lawsuits?

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