Thursday, September 1, 2011

Motorola Patents Can Help Google But not Enough

Recently, some IP experts commented about the Google's acquisition of Motorola's patents:

Motorola Patents May Not Help Google:
Motorola patents may shield Google from suits:

Some said Motorola's patents may help and some said may not. Who made a wrong opinion?
My answer is both are correct because the opinion can be completely opposite depending on methods used in the evaluation and many other factors.

Base on the recent TechIPm's analysis of Motorola's LTE patent portfolio, Motorola's patents may help Google. Considering the comparative analysis among patent portfolios owned by stake holders, however, Google may need additional patents to make more competitive patent portfolio.

TechIPm, LLC ( provides patent portfolio evaluation service for patent due diligence in mobile business acquisition. LTE patent portfolio evaluation can provide the followings.

1. What is the quality of the LTE patent portfolio?
2. What are the strengths/weaknesses of the LTE patent portfolio?
3. Comparative analysis among the patent portfolios (e.g. InterDigital v. Motorola).
4. Who is the best candidate for mobile business acquisition considering the business integration and/or compatibility? (e.g. LG + Nortel)
5.What are the potential risks considering the possible patent lawsuits?

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