Saturday, August 1, 2009

LTE Patent Portfolios for Baseband Products

LTE digital baseband for 3GPP standard specifications consists of two core parts: OFDM/MIMO Modem (TS36.211+TS36.213) and Channel Coder (TS36.212).

There are already several commercial products for LTE baseband in the market: Altair Semiconductor's FourGee-3100 LTE baseband processor (, Freescale Semiconductor's MSC8156 processor (, and Qualcomm's MDM9xxx-series LTE device chipsets.

IPR licensing candidate analysis for LTE baseband products in the lists of patents declared essential to LTE appear at the ETSI IPR Online shows that there are 94 issued patents and 231 published patent applications in the United States as of July 31, 2009.

As for the issued patents, Qualcomm is the leader in IPR share (27 %) followed by Nortel (26 %) and Nokia (22 %).

As for the published patent applications, Qualcomm is also the leader in IPR share (35 %) followed by Samsung (14 %), and Nokia (13 %).

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