Thursday, October 8, 2015

Future Apple iPhone Insights from Patents

Most of Apple's essential iPhone features began as R&D Projects published in patent applications. Recent Apple patent applications revile that future iPhone will be the smart personal assistance, intelligent care provider and control hub for the internet of things (IoT) applications exploiting artificial intelligence (AI).

US20140278051 illustrates that the AI in the future iPhone will predict useful information needed by a user using larger amounts and varying types of personalized information, either stored on the device itself or accessible to the device over a network (e.g., in the cloud). For example, iPhone can predict future destinations and/or future routes to destinations for the user based on user-specific data exploiting the machine-learning engine.

Following figure illustrates an example of a map application that displays the predicted routes. The iPhone also can provide the output of the map application to a display screen in a vehicle through an interface that facilitates communication between the device and the vehicle. Accordingly, the display presentations illustrated in the figure can be either provided on the display screen of the iPhone or a display screen within a vehicle in which the user of the iPhone is traveling. The iPhone also can provide the traffic information along the predicted route and alternative routes. US20140244271 illustrates that the AI will perform a speech recognition operation on the voice command and process the contextual information. US20150237470 illustrates that the AI will perform a voice massage that user needs to do some activities. For example, the iPhone will ask user exit at the next to buy milk in the highway. The onboard screen in user’s car will show a map for nearby shops with milk price if a shop is on sale.

US20150004578 illustrates that the iPhone can suggest and schedule user’s healthcare activities. During performance of activities, the iPhone can provide audio and/or visual cues related to the activities and collect data indicative of the user's performance. Based on the collected data, the iPhone can dynamically adapt the user's goals and/or activities the user is performing or will perform. Furthermore, the iPhone system can coordinate user's fitness, nutrition, and medical experiences.

US20140146714 illustrates that iPhone can be a centralized IoT smart home control hub by providing integrated establishment and control of the networking with and between home consumer electronics devices. The iPhone home controller provides a centralized and unified control and messaging system for the various IoT devices. The iPhone can acts as a proxy for the various communications between the IoT devices.

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