Sunday, August 30, 2015

IoT (Internet of Things) Intellectual Property (Patent) Strategy Consulting Services

TechIPm has developed an insightful new patent development and monetization methodology for the emerging IoT market.

Goldman Sachs defines the IoT as the third wave of internet revolution: By connecting billions of devices to the internet, the IoT can open up a host of new business opportunities and challenges. Even though the IoT is getting a huge attention recently the concept of interconnected billions of devices is not new and has been under development for over 10 years. Thus, there are a large number of related patented technologies that can be exploited for developing new products/services, and thus, new business for the emerging IoT market.

Many patent applications and newly issued patents can be further developed for creating new values by amending and creating claims and generating follow-on patents to encompass emerging technology and products/services trends, market demands, and strategic exploitation goals. TechIPm provides consulting for improving existing patents to obtain maximum ROI. TechIPm also provides consulting on developing new patents that can lead to new IoT product/service development exploiting the strategic patent preparation & prosecution, white space analysis, and scenario analysis.

A strategically packaged patent portfolio is the collection of patents that the integrated value propositions of each patent of the portfolio target specific value propositions that are provided by emerging new products/services. Techipm develops the strategically packaged patent portfolio in alignment with a client’s specific IoT business interests (e.g., smart home automation). TechIPm’s methodology for developing the strategically packaged patent portfolio is based on a deep understating of the IoT technologies, extensive experiences in patent analysis and development, and insights into the emerging IoT market. The strategically packaged patent portfolio can be used for monetization through patent sale, patent licensing, commercialization, spin-off, patent banking, and patent-backed financing. TechIPm also can provide consulting on developing monetization program for exploiting the IoT strategically packaged patent portfolio.

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TechIPm, LLC is a research and consulting company specializing in emerging technology strategic patent R&D and monetization. TechIPm, LLC consulted diverse industry players in the field of electronics, IT, telecommunications, and computer.

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