Saturday, August 15, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) Intellectual Property (Patent) Information Center 3Q 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) Business & Technology & Patent Integrated Strategy
Alex G. Lee (

IoT Business Insights, Business Models, Samsung/Cisco/Apple/IBM/Qualcomm IoT Strategy, Innovation Strategy, New Products/Services Development, Platforms, R&D Insights, Networks (5G), Applications (Smart Home, Connected Car, Smart Healthcare, Smart Grids, Big Date, Fintech), IoT UI/UX, M2M Connectivity, New IoT Products Development, Patent Development Strategy, IoT Startup Strategy, Implications of Patent Laws to IoT Business
IoT/Big Data Patent Claim Drafting Strategy under Post-Alice 101 Eligibility Test:

Internet of Things (IoT) Strategic Patent Development Best Practice:

IoT Connected Car Patent Development Best Practice Licensing Potential Assessment:

IoT Smart Home Patent Landscape & Commercial Importance Assessment:

Google Self-driving Cars Potential Patent Disputes Risk Assessment:

IoT Smart Home Scenarios for New Product Development Exploiting Patents:

Internet of Things (IoT) Innovative Startups Insights from Patents:

Apple v. Google v. Samsung IoT Smart Home Strategy Insights from Patents:

IBM Internet of Things R&D Insights from Patents:

IoT Smart Home Top Innovators Based on Patents:

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Measures Insights from Patents:

Understanding Apple UI/UX for Internet of Things Smart Home from Patents:

Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things Insights from Patents:

NFC Patents for Smartphone Mobile Payments Licensing Potential Assessment:

Design-to-Value Strategy for Developing High Quality Patents:

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