Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Strategic Patent Management & Monetization 1Q 2015


1. Integrated Strategic Patent Management
2. Nest Labs’ Integrated Strategic Patent Management 
3. Patent Citations as an Indicator of M&A Feasibility
4. Apple’s Strategic Alignment in Patent and M&A
5. Alcatel-Lucent acquisition by Nokia would provide leadership in Mobile based IoT innovation
6. Key wireless charging patents behind Samsung Galaxy S6: Open Innovation
7. Internet of Things (IoT) Intellectual Property (Patent) Information as of 1Q 2015 
8. Convida Wireless: Best Practice of Strategic Alliances between NPE and PE for IoT Innovation
9. Investment for Patent Monetization
10. Reinventing of Patent Monetization Model
11. The Monetizing Patent’s DNA: How to identify and develop the monetizing patents
12. Increasing Monetization Activities Exploiting LTE Patents
13. How much will Apple need to pay to Ericsson for a reasonable licensing royalty of 4G LTE patents?
14. Increasing IP Financing Activities Exploiting Wireless Patents
15. Current Status of Patent Rights: U.S. v. Other Countries
16. Smartphone Patent Wars: Legal & Policy Issues of Standard Essential Patents in the ICT Industry
17. Wireless Patents under the PTAB’s IPR & CBM Scrutiny
18. The U.S. Holds IPR Leadership in Patents for Wireless Standards
19. Wireless Patents for Standards & Applications Database 
20. IoT (Internet of Things) Intellectual Property (Patent) Strategy Consulting Services
21. Developing New Commercialization Opportunities for Existing Patents Exploiting Emerging IoT Platforms

Link: http://www.slideshare.net/alexglee/strategic-patent-management-monetization-1q-2015

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