Wednesday, May 27, 2015

IoT (Internet of things) Wireless Connectivity Standards Innovation Leadership

As the number of granted patent is a good measure of innovation activities, issued US patents that are related to the key wireless standards for the IoT connectivity (LTE, Wireless LAN, Zigbee, Bluetooth, NFC, UHF RFID) are analyzed to evaluate the technology innovation leadership. More than 10,000 issued patents as of May 15, 2015 are reviewed.  Patent disclosures in claims and detail description for each patent are analyzed as to whether the contents are within the scope of key technologies for the relevant standard specifications (3GPP, IEEE, ISO, NFC Forum, Bluetooth SIG). For details about the analysis, please refer “Wireless Patents for Standards & Applications 1Q 2015” (

More than 3,000 patents hold by more than 160 assignees are identified as the key wireless standard patents for the IoT connectivity. Samsung Electronics is the leader followed by LG Electronics, Qualcomm, Nokia, Google, Ericsson, Intel, Apple, InterDigital, Sony, Broadcom, BlackBerry, Texas Instruments, Marvell, Panasonic, ETRI, NEC and Cisco.

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