Thursday, April 23, 2015

Patent Citations as an Indicator of M&A Feasibility

Recently, ETRC (Emerging Technology Research Center: in S. Korea reported an interesting research result that the number of citations cited by examiner can be a good indicator of M&A feasibility. In its case studies for the acquisitions of IT start-ups, ETRC found that many global IT companies’ patents heavily cited the patents of acquired IT start-ups.


TechIPm’s NFC patents research (ref. also confirm the usefulness of  ETRC’s method for finding a potential M&A target. Broadcom acquired UK-based NFC company “Innovision Research & Technology” at $47.5 M. According to the USPTO assignment search, Broadcom acquired 48 US patent applications and issued patens though the acquisition deal (ref. TechIPm could verify that Broadcom’s patents heavily cited the patents of Innovision Research & Technology. 


For example, US7881665, a patent of Innovision Research & Technology, was cited 11 times by Broadcom’s patents (ref.



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