Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent acquisition by Nokia would provide leadership in Mobile based IoT innovation

Nokia announced its plan to acquire Alcatel-Lucent at $16.6 billion. The acquisition would benefit its current market position in telecom equipment business. The acquisition would also provide leadership in mobile based IoT innovation.

M2M (Machine to Machine) and D2D (Device to Device) communication technologies are the key enablers for emerging mobile based IoT (Internet of Things) applications. As the number of patent applications is a good measure of innovation activities, to evaluate the M2M and D2D innovation activities, the patent applications covering of key technologies for M2M and D2D communications are analyzed. More than 1300 patent applications that are the essential patents for mobile based IoT are identified 1Q 2015 (ref.

The merged Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent ranked third, just behind LG and Ericsson and ahead of Samsung.

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