Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Emerging IP Investment Funds in S. Korea

Financial Services Commission in S. Korea recently announced that it will form an IP investment fund for patent acquisition and monetization. Initial funding amount will be around $100 M, and various IP investment models such as ‘sales and lease back’, ‘IP backed financing” will be adopted. Korea Development Bank also formed $100 M IP investment fund specifically for SMEs. It already invested for acquiring patents from several SMEs. Industrial Bank of Korea also announced its plan for forming $2400 M IP investment fund for investing in not only patents but also other types of IP. It also expressed its plan for collaborating with global investment bank such as JP Morgan. 

In addition to the public IP fund, many private sector investors such as venture capitals and private equities also entered into the IP Investment fund market, as the newly started president Park’s government insisted the important of IP for the sustainable economic growth of S. Korea and its commitments to support the formation of IP ecosystem. It is expected that the total amount of IP investment funds in S. Korea will reach $1 B in a few years.

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