Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mobile Patent Acquisition Investment: Monetization Strategy

Recent development of new business models and marketplaces in patent monetization (online patent marketplace, patent auction, patent pool, patent aggregation etc.) brought a boom in investment for mobile patent acquisition. Investment for mobile patent acquisition requires a careful consideration of several strategic measures. A few examples for the strategic measures are monetization liquidity, ROI, and risks.

Several characteristics of mobile patent, however, lead to a unique evaluation methodology for the strategic measures:

1. Evaluation of market demand and dynamics.

Whether the patent is related to
consumer products:semiconductor chips/modules, devices (dongle, modem), handheld devices (cell phone, smartphone, PDA), computing devices (PDA, netbook, laptop, desktop); or
infrastructure products:Mobile base station including relay/femtocell, core networks; or
application products.

2. Evaluation of patent portfolio.

Whether the patent portfolio is/has
essential patent; orwidely accepted as an essential for product implementation; or
new market generation potential.

3. Evaluation of risks.

Whether it is
stable against invalidity claims; or
easily avoidable from infringement.

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