Saturday, September 10, 2011

Research In Motion's LTE Patents Can Help Apple Against Google

To evaluate Research in Motion's LTE patents, a keyword search of the USPTO patent data base has been performed. For completeness, patent data in the lists of patents declared essential to 3GPP LTE appear at the ETSI IPR Online website is also included. Total of 43 patents are identified for LTE RAN (Radio Access Network) products.

RIM's LTE patent portfolio is distributed among most of the key technology components for an implementation of the LTE baseband modem and many of the key technology components for an implementation of the LTE radio protocol software.

Base on the recent TechIPm's comparative analysis of Motorola’s and Nortel's LTE patent portfolio, it is expected that RIM's LTE patent portfolio can make up the relative weakness in Nortel's LTE patent portfolio over Motorola's LTE patent portfolio and may be a good defense tool for Apple against Google.

TechIPm, LLC ( provides patent portfolio evaluation service for patent due diligence in mobile business acquisition. LTE patent portfolio evaluation can provide the followings.

1. What is the quality of the LTE patent portfolio?

2. What are the strengths/weaknesses of the LTE patent portfolio?

3. Comparative analysis among the patent portfolios (e.g. InterDigital v. Motorola).

4. Who is the best candidate for mobile business acquisition considering the business integration and/or compatibility? (e.g. RIM + Nortel)

5.What are the potential risks considering the possible patent lawsuits?

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