Saturday, September 10, 2011

LTE Mobile TV Patent Landscape

eMBMS (evolved multimedia broadcast and multicast service) is a technology for broadcasting TV contents using LTE mobile networks. 20 mobile TV channels at 256 kbps can be supported in 5 MHz LTE channel. Section 15 of 3GPP TS 36.300 specifies the standard for eMBMS.

To find the key IPR (issued patents and published applications) holders and their patent portfolios, a keyword search of the global patent data bases (USPTO, EPO, and WPO) has been performed. As of Sep. 10 2010, 74 patents are identified for claiming eMBMS technology.

RIM is the leader, and other key IPR holders are as follows:
Alcatel Lucent, ETRI, InterDigital, LG Electronics, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp.

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