Thursday, July 1, 2010

LTE Essential Patent Research Report

TechIPm's LTE Research Report

LTE Patents for Commercial Products 2Q 2010

Key Value Proposion:

  • Details about the LTE patent search method

  • Detais about the essentiality analysis steps

  • Innovation competitor analysis for LTE commercial products (digital baseband modem, L2/L3 radio protocol)

  • Qualcom & InterDigital's expected licencing income for LTE essential IP

  • White Space Analysis for Patent Portfolio Development


Executive Summary

I. Patent Data Pool
1.1 LTE Patents Data Pool
1.2 LTE Patent Search Details

II. Patent Evaluation
2.1 Essentiality Analysis
2.2 LTE RAN Technical Specifications Details
2.3 Essentiality Analysis Details

III. Patent for Modem Product
3.1 LTE Baseband Modem Products
3.2 LTE Essential IP for Baseband Modem Products
3.3 Technology Innovation Analysis for LTE Modem
3.4 LTE Modem Innovation Competitor Analysis

IV. Patent for Protocol Product
4.1 LTE Radio Protocol Products
4.2 LTE Essential IP for Protocol Products
4.3 Technology Innovation Analysis for LTE Protocol
4.4 LTE Protocol Innovation Competitor Analysis

V. Strategic Patent Analysis
5.1 LTE IPR Governance & Patent Pool
5.2 LTE IP Landscape Change & NPE Issues
5.3 LTE Essential IP Asset Valuation
5.4 White Space Analysis for Patent Portfolio Development

A1. Essential Patent Claim Drafting Strategy
A2. Patent Portfolio Development Method

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