Saturday, July 31, 2010

InterDigital's LTE Patent Licensing Revenue

In recent InterDigital's announce for the second quarter financial result, William J. Merritt, InterDigital's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented that "We expect to continue our strong financial performance as we further expand our base of customers. In particular, we are focusing on expanding our customer base for LTE technology. We have made significant contributions to the worldwide standards bodies in several key areas of LTE technology, including power control, bandwidth on-demand, interference reduction and higher data throughput. These areas are central to the user experience and key to unlocking the potential of wireless communications," continued Mr. Merritt. "With our pioneering wireless technologies, InterDigital continues to be a leader in building innovative solutions, benefiting users, device manufacturers and operators worldwide."

To evaluate the future revinue expectation from LTE patent licensing, TechIPm, LLC researched InterDigital's LTE patent portfolio in LTE Patents for Commercial Products 2Q 2010:

Total of 134 patents are identified as the potential candidates for LTE essential patent, and InterDigital was amonng the top 5 IPR shareholders - InterDigital, LG, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung (total IPR share of 87%).

Based on the research result, InterDigital's expected income from the essential IP licensing for LTE modem is roughly estimated to be about $0.07 - $0.14 billion.

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