Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smartphone & 4G Mobile Trends & Issues 1Q 2010

Trend and Issue analysis of patent, technology, market, and S. Korea for smartphone & 4G mobile communication:

I. Smart Phone

1.1 4G & Smart Phone Innovation Frontiers in 2010
1.2 4G Smart Phone Chip Innovation Frontiers
1.3 4G Smart Phone Innovation Cluster in S. Korea
1.4 4G Mobile IPTV Services in S. Korea
1.5 Mobile Cloud Computing Test-Bed in S. Korea
1.6 Qualcomm’s Mobile R&D Center in S. Korea


2.1 LTE Essential Patent Candidates Landscape
2.2 LTE Essential Patent Candidates for LTE Modem
2.3 LTE Modem Innovation Leader: Samsung & LG
2.4 LTE Products Competitor Analysis

III. LTE-Advanced

3.1 LTE -Advanced Patent Analysis
3.2 Mobile Heterogeneous Network Patent Landscape
3.3 Cognitive Radio Patent Landscape

IV. Mobile WiMAX

4.1 New Mobile WiMAX Services in S. Korea

V. Intellectual Property

5.1 Nortel's LTE Patents Valuation
5.2 NPEs (Patent Trolls) in Mobile Telecommunications
5.3 Invention Capital in S. Korea

VI. New Opportunities in Korea’s Testing Market

6.1 Testing Market for Emerging Technologies in IT & Telecom
6.2 Commercialization as Dominant Design Strategy
6.3 National Strategy for 4G & Beyond 4G Mobile Innovation
6.4 National Strategy for Green IT Innovation
6.5 M2M: S. Korean Telco’s New Strategic Options
6.6 Songdo u-City: Global IT Innovation Hub
6.7 Future Network 2020 Forum
6.8 3D Industry Supporting Center in S. Korea


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