Monday, April 12, 2010

LTE Products Competitor Analysis 2010 1Q

LTE patent portfolios are researched for US market leader among LTE product manufactures. To find the key IPR holders for the LTE patents, a keyword search of the USPTO patent data base has been performed. For completeness, patent data in the lists of patents declared essential to 3GPP LTE appear at the ETSI IPR Online website is also included.

As of April 10 2010, there were total of 1227 (786 patents from the ETSI IPR Online website and 441 patents form the keyword search) issued patents and published patent applications.

The key IPR holders and their IPR share for LTE patents are as follows:

1. LTE US Patent Landscape:
Qualcomm (318, 26%), InterDigital (194, 16%), LG (121, 10%), Nokia (107, 9%), Samsung (77, 6%), and Ericsson (64, 5%)

2. LTE US Patents for LTE Mobile Phone Products:
LG (121), Nokia (107), Samsung (77), and Motorola (31)

3. LTE US Patents for LTE Infrastructure Products:
Ericsson (64), Nortel (35), NEC (9), Alcatel-Lucent (7), NSN (7), and Huawei (4)

4. LTE US Patents for LTE Chipset Products:
Qualcomm (318), TI (30), Infineon (5), and Freescale Semiconductor (4)

5. LTE US Patents for LTE Information & Computing Products:
RIM (15), Sharp (10), Sony (6), Panasonic (1), and Toshiba (1)

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