Saturday, January 16, 2010

Commercialization as Dominant Design Strategy

Dominant Design is the key technological designs that become a standard in the market place. Commercialization as Dominant Design Strategy is a strategic way to make your innovative technology as a dominant design by forming a business ecosystem:

S. Korea is the best place for testing commercial potentials of newly developed innovative technologies in IT and Telecom. Once a new technology is successful in S. Korea’s testing market, it could become a global dominant design such as in the case of Qualcomm’s CDMA technology. TechIPm, LLC provides the strategy and business development consulting services by launching your technology prototype in S. Korea’s testing market based on more than 10 years business experiences in S. Korea.

Examples for IT & Telecom teating market projects in S. Korea:

Future Network 2020: S. Korea’s Strategy for Global Innovation Hub in ICT

If you want to develop a new IT & Telecom business in S. Korea, please contact Dr. Alex G. Lee at

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