Wednesday, December 23, 2009

M2M: S. Korean Telco’s New Strategic Options

S. Korea’s major telecom service providers – SKT and KT – selected M2M as a new strategic business option for the next generation profit center:

SK Telecom formed a new business division, ‘IPE (Industry Productivity Enhancement)’ center, for the development of new M2M innovative technologies and providing M2M based B2B services. SKT aims $20 B market creation based on M2M services for conventional industry’s productivity enhancement.

S. Korea’s largest Telco, KT, also plan to provide M2M based B2B services using 3G mobile and Mobile WiMAX networks. The KT's M2M services are also targeting several newly developing green businesses such as smart grids and environment monitoring services.

In parallel with the private sector’s efforts, Korean government (KCC: Korean Communication Commission) are going to launch several trial projects by providing M2M test-bed platform for public-private collaborations. KCC also plan to assign a unique IP address for each individual M2M devices to form a ‘network of things’.

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