Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4G (LTE, WiMAX) IPR Strategy Seminar & Panel Discussion

As a part of PATINEX 2009, which is scheduled on Nov. 10-11 in Seoul, S. Korea, there will be a special session on Mobile technology IPR development and portfolio management especially for 4G. After short presentations by each panel, there will be an in-depth discussion about current status of 4G (LTE, Mobile WiMAX) essential patent IPRs, strategic patent portfolio development and management, and issue with licensing (patent pool) and NPEs.

Moderator : Alex G. Lee, Ph.D. (Principal, TechIPm, LLC)
Jari Varrio, Ph.D. (IPR Director, Nokia)
James Maccoun, J.D. (Sr. Counsel, HP and former IPR Director, Motorola)
Junwon Lee (IPR Director, Samsung Electronics)
Hyeonwoo Lee, Ph.D. (NextG Mobile Program Director, Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

Panel Discussion Agenda

1. Recent trends in IPR for mobile telecommunication innovations. Are there any unique IPR characteristics in mobile telecommunication sector compare to others?

2. IPR landscape in 4G compare to 3G and 2G. What is the difference in IPR regime for LTE and Mobile WiMAX?

3. IPR for “essential patent” vs. “non-essential patent”. What is the difference in strategy?

4. Quantity or Quality. Which factor is important in patent portfolio development?

5. Best practice in strategic alignment: global IPR leaders’ experience.

6. Profit from IPR investment. How to measure the ROI?

7. Can a patent pool possible for 4G mobile? Licensing trends in mobile telecommunications compare to other IT areas. What likely be the royalty rates and is an expected role of patent pool for lowering the royalties? What is the global IPR leaders’ licensing policy and strategy?

8. Are there any IPR related matters in global trade?

9. Are there any threats from NPEs (patent trolls) in 4G? Pros and cons of NPEs in knowledge base economy. Will the harmonization and/or any kind of collaboration in patent law reform be necessary and/or effective for NPE issues?

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