Thursday, September 3, 2009

Samsung's LTE Innovation Leadership

Recently Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the first commercial LTE modem for mobile phones. The Kalmia, brand name for Samsung's LTE baseband modem, supports download speed up to 100Mbps and upload speed of 50Mbps within the 20MHz frequency bandwidth.

JongKyun Shin, executive VP and head of mobile communications division at Samsung said that “Currently, Samsung is partnering with LTE developers preparing for a LTE service launch in 2010 and will unveil a variety of LTE devices of different types and with diverse features and options. Samsung is also strengthening its position as a leader in 4G mobile telecommunication system standards. ”

Samsung is one of the top in its number of contributions at 3GPP. Four standardization experts from Samsung are also served as the 3GPP working group executive board. Samsung is also actively participating in various programs for NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks).

In recent LTE IPR research by TechIPm, Samsung ranked the 2nd in the published patent applications at USPTO for the LTE baseband products in the lists of patents declared essential to LTE appear at the ETSI IPR Online. (Ref.

Analysis for the LTE OFDM/MIMO innovations by TechIPm also showed that Samsung's LTE patent portfolio is in high quality compare to other LTE IPR holders. (Ref.

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