Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RFID Essential Patent Licensing: Issue with Intermec's IPR

On Monday evening May 11, 2009, the MIT RFID group (http://www.mitforumcambridge.org/rfid/events/2009-05/index.html) host a a two hour event with “RFID Executive Panel". At the event, a critical issue with RFID standard technology patent licensing was discussed. The summary of the discussion is as follows.

Issue: Will the RFID standard technology patent licensing be possible without Intermec's participation in RFID consortium (http://www.rfidlicensing.com/)?

D: MIT AutoID Lab asked the audience at the event about the effect of Intermec's RFID IPR on their RFID product development.

D: What is the Intermec's RFID IP licensing strategy?

D: When will be the critical time such that the RFID market will be profitable enough for the licensing issue will be the most serious problem in RFID industry?

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