Saturday, August 18, 2018

Blockchain Patent Landscape for Innovation Leadership 3Q 2018

To find blockchain technology innovation leadership for the US market, patents in the USPTO database are searched using relevant blockchain keywords. Total of more than 1200 published patent applications regarding blockchain innovation are identified as of 3Q 2018.

IBM is the leader in blockchain patent application followed by, Bank of America, Mastercard, Wal-Mart, TD Bank, Intel, American Express, Accenture, Cognitive Scale, Inc., and Coinbase. It is interesting to find innovation leadership of Wal-Mart (a retail giant) and Intel (a semiconductor chip manufacturing leader) in blockchain technology innovation.

The identified blockchain patents are further classified by key technologies for blockchain applications: security, transaction, cryptocurrency, database, smart contract, blockchain network, consensus, decentralized application, and AI. Technology regarding security is identified as the top blockchain technology in blockchain technology innovation.

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Reference: Blockchain Patents for Innovation Data 3Q 2018

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