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Free Webinar: Panel discussion about the role of IP in the IoT

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Thursday, January 19, 2017 3p.m. GMT
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Panel discussion about the role of IP in the IoT community

As Panellists, we welcome Joyce Deuley (CEO & Founder Smart Texas Alliance), Kurt Kelley (CEO& Founder Excelerated Technology Consultants), Dr Alex G. Lee (Founder TechIPm and Managing Partner Liquidax Capital)

What this panel is about

In this panel, we will hear about the application of patents in IoT from Joyce Deuley, Kurt Kelley will discuss the dangers of IP when utilizing 3rd party services to build your total solution and Dr Alex G. Lee will cover several topics on IoT innovation and IoT + Big Data + AI integration strategy insights form patents, IP-based IoT innovation platform for business growth. After the panellists gave an insight into their topics, you will have the opportunity to join the open discussion where you will be able to ask questions and discuss some points directly with the panellists.

About the Speakers

Joyce Deuley: As an IoT analyst and content strategist, Joyce has spent the better part of the last five years examining IoT market trends, challenges and opportunities, and sharing the impact of what the IoT has to offer. Currently, Joyce is the Founder & CEO of a Texas-based, state-wide non-profit, the Smart Texas Alliance,  that is looking to promote and elevate the IoT community in order to make Texas a “Smart State” via education, partnership development, and community engagement.

Kurt Kelley: As CEO of his Technology Consultancy, Kurt specializes in developing relationships between carriers, re-sellers, and industry leading technology providers globally to solve real business challenges. Before founding Excelerated he served in multiple capacities at Verizon, and most recently Stream Technologies where he was responsible for managing the IoT re-sellers and vertical solution providers. With over twenty years of technology experience there is rarely a problem he is unable to organize an end to end solution for.

Dr Alex G. Lee: Alex brings over 25 years of unique experiences and expertise in consulting on business strategy, IP management, technology commercialisation and many more.Some leading companies and research institutions that Dr Lee has worked with include Samsung, Korea Telecom, KMW, MIC Radio Research Laboratory, Boston University, and Georgia Tech. Dr Lee has also founded and managed several companies and industry organizations such as TechIPm, LLC for IP strategy consulting, Xanadu Big Data, LLC for the big data technology licensing and commercialization, and u-City Forum for the IoT smart city development through public-private partnership and is now participating in the MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Program for strategy and innovation.

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