Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokemon Go Provides Insights Regarding IoT Innovations Based on Existing Patented Technologies

HBS Professor Iansiti, the author of “The Keystone Advantage,” suggested technological assimilation as a new engine for technological innovations in his article “Creative Construction.” In the technological assimilation frameworks, a core innovation that once provided stand-alone products or services for a specific market can be the building blocks for mass market generating innovation through assimilation to broader platforms and exploitation of innovation infrastructures that were not existed at the time of innovation. Recent market success of Pokemon Go proves the technological assimilation as a new engine for technological innovations: AR game engine innovation generated mass market through assimilation to the smartphone platform and exploitation of LBS (location based services) infrastructure.

Goldman Sachs defines the IoT (Internet of Things) as the third wave of internet revolution: By connecting billions of devices to the internet, the IoT can open up a host of new business opportunities and challenges. Even though the IoT is getting a huge attention recently the concept of interconnected billions of devices is not new and has been under development for over 10 years. Thus, there are a large number of related patented technologies that can be exploited for developing new products/services, and thus, new business for the emerging IoT market.

A strategically packaged patent portfolio is the collection of patents that synergistically integrates value propositions of each patent of the portfolio. The synergistically integrated value propositions target specific value propositions that are provided by emerging new products/services.  By designing the technologies provided by the strategically packaged patent portfolio to assimilate existing or emerging IoT platforms (e.g., smart home hub platform) and to exploit innovation existing or emerging infrastructure (e.g., Low power/cost IoT connectivity), existing patents can be exploited for new IoT business creation.

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