Thursday, September 3, 2015

Samsung Shows How to Bring IoT to Life at IFA 2015 v. Patents

Followings are Key Words/Key Phrases from Samsung Electronics’ IFA 2015 press conference in Berlin that demonstrated how it is taking the Internet of Things (IoT) from vision to reality (published by SamsungTomorrow) contrast to the related IoT patents/patent strategy.

“Samsung’s latest contributions to the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem are deeply rooted in the company’s core philosophy for IoT: openness, cross-industry collaboration and – most importantly – a human-centric approach.”

Samsung opened its 38,000 patents in various fields including telecommunication, semiconductor and display to S. Korean SMEs and venture companies as the part of the creative economy innovation center project. Total of 3,000 patents will be provided for free. Samsung will send its patent experts to the center to help exploiting its patents by the selected members of the center. Samsung will need to extend the Open IP Innovation program to its global IoT ecosystem collaborators for developing the disruptive IoT products/services.
The patent strategy for the IoT ecosystem should support the essential features of the dominant design IoT platforms for the IoT ecosystem: modularity, openness and scalability.

Cross-industry collaboration: The IoT business will be interdisciplinary across many industries. The IoT business will have synergies by the convergence of many different technologies or business attributes.

A human-centric approach: Such an IoT environment may provide intelligent Internet technology services that create a new value to human life by collecting and analyzing data generated among connected things. IoT may be applied to a variety of fields including smart home, smart building, smart city, smart car or connected cars, smart grid, health care, smart appliances and advanced medical services through convergence and combination between existing Information Technology (IT) and various industrial applications (US20150236908).
Cf. Apple: Automation modes can be personalized using the user profiles associated with the mobile device at the specific geographic location to provide the personalized entertainment (US20150072674).

“SmartThings is also introducing a new solution called ‘Smart Home Monitor’ which provides unified access and control against intrusion, smoke and fire, leaks and floods, and other common household issues by delivering real-time notifications and video clips from multiple cameras via the SmartThings app.” “AddWash is also a connected washing machine that works with both Android and iOS devices, enabling consumers to remotely monitor and operate the machine as well as receive a range of notifications straight to their smartphone.”

Unified access and control; AddWash is also a connected washing machine: Samsung IoT R&D Insights from Patents

“A good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy life, and Samsung SleepSense helps consumers to better understand and manage their sleep. The sensor is a flat disk, and simply by placing it under a bed’s mattress, it provides contactless monitoring of a person’s heart and respiratory rate including movements during sleep.”

Monitoring of a person’s respiratory rate during sleep: Alex also wears a device to monitor his sleep apnea that breathing is interrupted in Internet of Things 2020 Scenarios.

“Samsung SmartThings will soon integrate with BMW cars by displaying notifications from the SmartThings Hub directly on the dashboard. In turn, the SmartThings app makes it possible to check the technical status of your BMW, and even lock and unlock it remotely.”

SmartThings will integrate with BMW cars: As Alex approaches his home the smart home system determines whether his car network system is detected within a radius of 2 miles in Internet of Things 2020 Scenarios; Patents that provide insights of potential business convergence between the smart home and connected car .

“At the heart of all Samsung’s IoT innovations is our long-standing approach of researching and observing people’s daily lives, and looking beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of enriching them, by turning everyday moments into enjoyable experiences.”

Researching and observing people’s daily lives: The scenarios describe possible situations in 2020 that a person will experience in his/her everyday life: home, highway, shopping mall, business meeting and medical emergency situation in Internet of Things 2020 Scenarios .

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