Thursday, July 2, 2015

LG’s LTE Standard Patents Acquisition by NPEs: Potential Litigation Risks?

TechIPm’s research for the patents relate to the 4G LTE standard found increasing acquisition of LG’s LTE standard related patents by patent monetizing NPEs. LTE patents analysis for the market leaders among LTE UE (cellular phones, smart phones, PDAs, mobile PCs, etc.) and base station (eNB) product manufactures and innovators as of June 30, 2015 identified that many patent monetizing NPEs acquired total of 110 key patents for the LTE standard from several major IPR holders (for the details regarding the patent analysis, please visit

Among the total of 110 key patents for the LTE standard acquired by patent monetizing NPEs, LG accounts for 57% (followed by Ericsson (19%) and Panasonic (11%)). As of 2Q 2015, LG is the top IPR holders for the LTE standard related patents in the US (accounts for 13% of 1700 patents followed by Samsung (12%) and Qualcomm (11%)). Among the NPEs that acquired patents for the LTE standard, Optis Cellular Technology accounts for 51% followed by Evolved Wireless (11%) and Thomson Licensing (9%).

Considering the recent increasing monetization activities involving patent infringement lawsuits exploiting LTE patents (for details, please visit it is expected that the acquired LG’s LTE standard related patents can be the potential patent litigation risks for the LTE related industry (Smartphone, Connected Car, Wearable/IoT devices etc.),

Recently, Evolved Wireless has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and Lenovo ((Evolved Wireless v. Samsung Complaint: exploiting five LG’s LTE standard related patents (7,746,916, 7,768,965, 7,809,373, 7,881,236, and 8,218,481). Another potential litigation risk will be the acquisition of LG's patents by Optis Wireless Technology. Optis Wireless Technology sued ZTE exploiting the LTE patents acquired from Panasonic.

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