Monday, March 23, 2015

Race for 5G News & Information Center 1Q 2015


“5G Networking: The Definitive Guide”

“The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it”

“Understanding 5G - GSMA Intelligence”

“5G: 2020 and Beyond”

“Ericsson CEO Expects 5G Technology to be Ready in 2020”

Key Technology Development

“Emerging Technologies and Research Challenges for 5G Wireless Networks”

M2M & D2D

“Huawei Promises 4.5G & LTE-M in 2016”

“KT gets busy with Nokia and Ericsson for LTE-M and 5G”

“M2M & D2D Communication Patents for IoT Innovation Ranking”

“Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications: Architecture, Performance and Applications”

“Smart Device to Smart Device Communication”

Massive MIMO & Millimeter Waves

“ZTE and China Mobile set new record exhibiting pre-commercial 5G 3D/massive MIMO base stations at MWC 2015”

“SK Telecom, Nokia in 600 Mbps MIMO demo”

“Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Systems”

“Nokia Networks and SK Telecom pair up on millimeter-wave 5G”

“Nokia, DoCoMo test high-frequency mobile with an eye on 5G”

“Millimeter Waves May Be the Future of 5G Phones”

“Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications for 5G Cellular:It will work!”

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