Friday, March 6, 2015

Key wireless charging patents behind Samsung Galaxy S6

Recently Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with wireless charging capability during its Mobile World Congress (MWC) press conference.  Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed Galaxy S6’s wireless charging system based on the inductive resonant technologies licensed from Powerbyproxi.  PowerbyProxi collaborated with UniServices (the commercialization arm of The University of Auckland and a shareholder of PowerbyProxi) to develop its IP portfolio.

US7675197 (Apparatus and method for inductive power transfer)

This invention relates to inductive power distribution systems commonly known as inductive coupled power transfer (ICPT) systems. It is an object of the present invention to provide an ICPT system or a component for such a system that allows pick-ups to be located at an extended distance from a primary conductor. The apparatus has a first coil adapted to receive energy from a magnetic field associated with a primary conductive path of an ICPT system; a second coil electrically connected to the first coil and provided remote from the first coil, and being adapted to produce a magnetic field for supply of electrical energy to a pick-up of an ICPT system; and a tuning capacitance provided in series or parallel with the first and second coils to enable the circuit so formed to have a desired resonant frequency.

US20110090723 (Contactless power receiver and method of operation)

The present invention is in the technical field of Inductively Coupled Power Transfer systems (ICPT). More particularly the present invention relates to a contactless power receiver including a semiconductor switch operating in linear mode. A contactless power receiver is provided with a dynamically tuned pick up coil. The power transfer capacity of this power receiver is dynamically tuned using semiconductor devices that are operated in linear mode over part of their operation. The semiconductor devices are driven by a controller that is configured to implement a range of control strategies depending on system requirements. The semiconductor device may be used by itself or in conjunction with reactive elements to dynamically tune the pick up coil.

In some implementations the contactless power receiver maybe configured to work with a consumer electronic or a wireless sensor device. The contactless power receiver can be integrated with the energy storage component of the device to provide a retrofit solution for existing products. The device can then be placed in vicinity of a planar magnetic field generated by a charging pad.

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