Thursday, September 4, 2014

Patent Evaluation Services for Investment Professionals

Investment professionals are increasingly required to understand the true value of patents as the patents became an important investment asset class, and thus, play a significant role in investment decision making processes: investment professionals are frequently involved in patent valuation during M&A activity, buying and selling patents for bankruptcy cases, patent secured debt financing deals, sale & license-back transactions, securitizations using patent as the underlying asset, (long or short) stock investment  for IP based business entities etc. To understand the true value of patents, however, accurate evaluation of patents under investment consideration is need. Therefore, accurate evaluation of patents became the essential part for investment professionals to figure out feasibility of investment involving patents.

To evaluate patents accurately, and thus, to get an accurate read on any investment opportunities, legal expertise in additional to technical and business expertise are required due to legal rights nature of patents. Therefore, involvement of expert with the technical, business, and legal expertise is crucial to evaluate patents accurately, and thus, to understand the true value of patents. TechIPm LLC provides the expert patent evaluation services for investment professionals exploiting the technical, business, and legal expertise and many years of experience in evaluating more than ten thousand patents relating to over hundred million dollars of investments in patent investments.

Step 1: High Level Evaluation

Project Scope
A client’s patents are reviewed to provide overall qualities and investment values in alignment with client’s investment goal.

Excel file for related applications/products/services/markets, related standards, discoverability of potential licensee (Infringer), revenue generation potential etc.

 Step 2: Deep Dive Evaluation

Project Scope
Upon client’s request, selected patents or patent portfolio(s) are analyzed utilizing well known valuation methods (e.g. income, market, cost method) in detail to provide ROI based on the high level evaluation.

Written valuation report

TechIPm’s technology expertise includes:
Mobile Computing & Wireless Communications Technology: LTE, CDMA (CDMA 2000, WCDMA, HSPA), WLAN, WPAN, RFID, NFC, WSN, Cognitive Radio/SDR, Optical Wireless, Mobile TV, Mobile Cloud Computing, RF MEMS, RFIC etc.
Smartphone Applications: Biometrics, Location Base Services/Indoor Navigations, Mobile Payments, Augmented Reality, Wireless/Mobile UI, IoT (Internet of Things) applications etc.
Green ICT: M2M, Smart Grids, Green Wireless Technologies, Electric Cars etc.
Bio & Medical IT: Mobile Healthcare (IEEE 11073 PHD, WBAN), Biometrics, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) etc.

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