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Patent Monetization & Management Services & Products of TechIPm LLC


Strategic Patent Value Creation & Portfolio Development
Investment in early stage patent combined with well tailored value creation methodology can develop a new patent for monetization. Many patent applications can be further developed for creating new economic values by amending claims to encompass market demand. By auditing clients’ current patent portfolios, TechIPm can find a good candidate for value creation. By consulting detail descriptions in conjunction with market demand, TechIPm can develop new claims covering new economic value creating business models. TechIPm also can provide an expert advice for the development of patent portfolios through a careful analysis of the emerging technology trends and the IP landscape. TechIPm's patent portfolio consulting service delivers an analysis for the current patent portfolio status and future directions in alignment with client's monetization program development. TechIPm also provide patent prosecution services for international IP portfolios, especially for IPR in US, S. Korea, Japan, China, and India.

Standard Essential Patents Evaluation & Development
TechIPm's standard essential patent consulting service delivers the analysis for the evaluation of potential standard essential patent (SEP) candidates and future IPR directions in alignment with the standardization process. TechIPm can also develop a SEP with participating in the standardization activities. Sometimes, developing SEPs without participating in the standardization activities is possible because some of key aspects of the technologies adopted during the standardization process can already be developed by a third party who is not the participating member of the standardization activities. Thus, if the third party filed a patent covering the technologies adopted as the standard, he or she can further develop it though claim development and patent prosecution process to be a SEP.

Strategic Patent Acquisition
TechIPm provides an expert advice for strategic patent acquisition for diverse clients including business corporations, research institutes, investment organizations, and patent management firms. TechIPm can align diverse clients’ business purpose (e.g. competitive intelligence, offensive, defensive, and monetization) with strategic patent acquisition process. With the specific business goal in mind, TechIPm can classify the field of acquisition target by market/product/service/technology. TechIPm also can evaluate the value of acquisition target. TechIPm can decide the best sourcing method among potential options: patent search and mining, close/open patent market place, internal auditing and patent development process. TechIPm also can coordinate the deal/transaction process collaborating with brokers.

Strategic Patent Licensing Program Development
Techipm provides consulting service for developing profitable patent licensing program. Techipm closely work with client for developing patent licensing program until the closing of the licensing agreement. Techipm provides strategic planning in alignment with client's business goal, due diligence for licensable patent portfolios, strategic patent prosecution for monetization value creation, analysis for target market, potential licensees and revenue generating potential, and licensing enforcement (including litigation) strategy.

IP based Commercialization as Dominant Design
Dominant Design is the key technological product/service designs that become a standard in the market place. IP based Commercialization as Dominant Design is a strategic methodology to exploit your IP for innovative technology to create dominant design by developing a new business model and forming a business ecosystem.

S. Korea is the best place for testing commercial potentials of newly developed innovative technologies in IT and Telecom. Once a new technology is successful in S. Korea's testing market, it could become a global dominant design such as in the case of Qualcomm's CDMA technology. TechIPm provides the strategy and business development consulting services by launching your IP based Dominant Design prototype in S. Korea's testing market based on more than 10 years business experiences in S. Korea.


Wireless Technology Standard Essential Patents Candidates Data
A standard essential patent (SEP) is a key intellectual property rights (IPRs) for the implementation of the standardized technology specifications. SEPs encompass IPRs for the essential aspect of standardized technologies. Usually, all the essential aspects of standardized technologies are specified in standard technology specifications. Thus, SEPs can be defined as patents that include one or more claims that are infringed by the implementation of certain standard specifications. To facilitate interoperability among the industry players, participants in the development of standards establish specifications for the essential components of the standardized technology. Consequently, all the standard-compliant products that implement the standardized technologies specified in the standard technology will infringe SEPs. The main advantage of SEPs is their easy-of-proof of patent infringement characteristic. Therefore SEPs are the most important monetization assets for extracting maximum ROI from operating profitable licensing program in wireless technology industry.

The standard setting organizations (SSOs) require that the members participating in the standardization process to agree ex ante to license their SEPs under fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) terms ex post to any implementers of the standard. The members’ agreements to license their SEPs under FRAND terms are usually called FRAND commitments. Recently, the U.S. courts provided basic guidelines for assessing FRAND royalty for SEPs to comply with FRAND commitments. One of the key factures in evaluating FRAND royalty according to the courts guidelines is the number of licensor’s SEPs compare to the total number of SEPs in a specific standard. Thus, it is very important to know the total number of SEPs in a specific standard and individual licensor's SEP share in number to operate successful licensing program. Wireless Technology Standard Essential Patents Candidates Data is a product of TechIPm, based on specific standard related patents research for US market leader. Wireless Technology Standard Essential Patents Candidates Data provides the potential SEP candidates information selected through essentiality evaluation process.

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