Thursday, November 14, 2013

Round Rock (NPE) Dominates UHF RFID Standard Essential Patents

TechIPm, LLC’s UHF RFID standard essential patent research for the US market reviles that IPR share of Round Rock Research LLC (NPE) accounts for 13% of UHF RFID Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) issued in the USPTO as of 3Q 2013. To evaluate the essentiality of a UHF RFID patent, patent disclosures in claims and detail description for each UHF RFID patent are compared to the most recent version of the ISO/IEC 18000-C technical specifications. Total of 134 issued patents are identified as the potential candidates for UHF RFID SEPs relating to UHF tag and reader products.

Round Rock Research LLC was founded by a billionaire John Desmarais, a famous patent attorney for his won in a $1.52 billion verdict for Alcatel-Lucent against Microsoft in 2007. Round Rock Research LLC became the second-largest NPE following the Intellectual Ventures by acquiring a portfolio of 4,500 patents from Micron Technology Inc., the biggest U.S. maker of semiconductor chips. Recently, Round Rock settled patent dispute with Motorola Solutions. Round Rock Research LLC is now operating successful licensing program collaborating with IPVALUE, an IP monetization consulting firm.

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