Sunday, June 16, 2013

Intel’s Patent-Backed Multi-Mode Mobile Baseband Chipset Business Strategy

Even if Qualcomm dominates the mobile baseband chipset business up to now, it is expected that Intel can be a strong contender. One indicator for the expectation is the recent Intel’s mobile patents development and acquisition. According to recent 4G LTE standard essential patents research by TechIPm (, Intel holds 22 4G LTE related patents. Essentiality analysis reviled that Intel holds 2 4G LTE standard essential patents that are related to Carrier Aggregation technology.

Furthermore, TechIPm’s research for Intel’s patent portfolio acquired from InterDigital in 2012 shows that Intel’s acquired patents consist of mostly 2G/3G mobile patents. The acquired patents also consist of HSPA, LTE, WLAN, WPAN, and LBS (Location Based Services). Most of 2G/3G mobile patents cover power control technology.

Intel’s strong patent portfolios in 2G/3G/4G mobile patents can be a valuable business resource for not only protecting its multi-mode baseband chipset business from potential infringers but exploiting cross-licensing strategy with competitors.

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