Monday, February 11, 2013

Adaptix’s ITC Patent Lawsuit against Ericsson: Reinforcement for Samsung?

Recently, Adaptix filed a complaint in ITC for accusing Ericsson’s LTE base station products of infringing its patent US6870808 (Channel Allocation in Broadband Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple-Access/Space-Division Multiple-Access Networks). Adaptix claimed that its patent covers LTE standard compatible products.

For this case, Matt Rizzolo provided one interesting conjecture in his blog ( Samsung might have had some interest in Adaptix’s lawsuit against Ericsson, considering the recent Samsung’s disputations with Ericsson over LTE standard essential patents and the fact that when Acacia Research acquired Adaptix last year it signed up Samsung as a licensee.

His conjecture might also be supported by followings:

First, in Adaptix’s ITC complaint against Ericsson, Adaptix provided claim chart for Samsung’s usage of its patent at issue in addition to its own usages.

Second, Samsung had a license agreement with Acacia Research for Adaptix’s patents promptly, but resisted to Ericsson’s licensing request. TechIPm’s preliminary research shows that the asserted claims of US6870808 do not provide a strong mapping to the corresponding LTE standard specifications to be a standard essential patent (cf.

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