Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LTE Patent War Started!

TechIPm’s analysis for patents in recent lawsuit finds that Ericsson used its LTE patents in ITC litigation against Samsung. Even if several entities claimed the LTE patent litigation, Ericsson is the first actually used LTE standard essential patents in patent lawsuit. Among three LTE patents used in ITC litigation against Samsung, two patents turned out to be patents identified as LTE standard essential patent candidates in TechIPm’s research for smartphone LTE patents (http://techipm-innovationfrontline.blogspot.com/2012/12/smartphone-lte-patent-ipr-governance-4q.html): Ericsson holds more than 30 issued patents including three LTE standard-essential patent candidates as of January 15, 2013. Most of Ericsson’s LTE patents are characterized by high forward citations.

TechIPm’s research for patents that are directly related to smartphone LTE implementation in the current US market as of January 15, 2013 reveals that there are more than 400 issued patents shared by more than 20 IPRs holders. According to GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association), there are 83 LTE enabled smartphones as of 2Q 2012. It is also expected that the number of LTE enabled smartphones will be doubled in two years. These facts imply that there are enough number of smartphone LTE patents for bring patent infringement lawsuits and products which can be involved in the patent disputes any time soon.

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