Thursday, September 6, 2012

Apple is ready for LTE Smartphone

S. Korea’s major newspapers reported that Samsung started to investigate a possible patent infringement lawsuit against Apple’s next version of its smartphone (iPhone 5?) once it adopt LTE technology. According to GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association), there are 83 LTE smartphones as of 2Q 2012. Thus, it is expected that Apple’s next version of its smartphone will support LTE following the market trend.

TeechIPm’s LTE standards essential patent research for US market leader among LTE UE (cellular phones, smart phones, PDAs, mobile PCs, etc.) and base station (eNB) product manufactures identified total of 187 patents as the potential candidates for LTE RAN (Radio Access Network) standards essential patents as of 2Q 2012. To evaluate the essentiality of a LTE patent, patent disclosures in claim and detail description for each LTE patent are compared to the final versions of the 3GPP Release 8 technical specifications (Release 10 for carrier aggregation specifications). Among the 187 essential patent candidates 90 candidates were issued as of 2Q 2012. Samsung was the second in holding the issued essential patent candidates (which can be used in infringement lawsuit right now).

Recent TechIPm’s LTE patent research, however, shows that Apple also holds at least one issued essential patent candidate that was acquired from Freescale. Considering only LTE patents directly related to smartphone implementation in the current US market, preliminary research reveals that Apple holds LTE patent portfolio comparable to Samsung’s in patent numbers (which can be used in counter attack defense). Detail comparative analysis between Apple’s and Samsung’s patent portfolio is underway.

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