Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nokia’s 3G Standard Essential Patent Acquired by Vringo

Recently, IP management company, Vringo acquired Nokia’s patents consisting of over 500 patents and patent applications worldwide, including 109 issued US patents. The portfolio encompasses cellular mobile communication technologies including communication management, data and signal transmission, mobility management, radio resources management and services. The purchase price was $22 million plus, to the extent that the gross revenue generated by such portfolio exceeds $22 million, a royalty of 35% of such excess.


Abstract: The present invention relates to relocation of a protocol termination point in a communication system comprising a first protocol termination point, a second protocol termination point and control means for relocating a first protocol from the first protocol termination point to the second protocol termination point. A protocol initialization unit that contains predefined information of the first termination point is defined by means of the first protocol. The protocol initialization unit is subsequently transferred from the first termination point to the second termination point by means of a second protocol. The second termination point is initialized based on the received protocol initialization unit.

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