Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wireless Patent Investment Check List

Following check list for wireless patent investment is based on TechIPm's consulting for Wall Street.

1. Check for the products that is covered by a patent.

Whether it is related to

consumer products:
semiconductor chips/modules, devices (dongle, modem), handheld devices (cell phone, smartphone, PDA), computing devices (PDA, netbook, laptop, desktop); or

infrastructure products:
Mobile base station including relay/femtocell, core networks; or

application products.

2. Check for the technology that is covered by a patent.

Whether it is related to

OFDM/MIMO for LTE or WiMAX or WiFi (802.11n) or WRAN (802.22)
(e.g. Can WiMAX patents of Adaptix (Acacia paied $160 M) also be applied to LTE?); or

handover for CDMA or WCDMA or LTE.

3. Check for the patent quality

Whether it is

high potential to be issued if it is an application; or

stable against invalidity claims; or

formation of patent portfolio.

4.Check for the money making power

Whether it is

essential patent; or

widely accepted as an essential for product implementation

(e.g. How many InterDigital's patents are really valuable?); or

related to a market which is in growth phase.

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