Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LTE-Advanced Patents Landscape 4Q 2011

3GPP’s LTE-Advanced is one of candidates for ITU-R's (International Telecommunication Union – Radio Communication) 4G mobile communication (IMT-Advanced) standards. The LTE-Advanced standards establishment is scheduled to be in late 2011 as Ts36 Rel. 10 specifications. Recently AT&T announced that it will deploy LTE-Advanced network in 2013.

To find the key IPR holders for LTE-Advanced patents, a keyword search of the USPTO patent data base has been performed. More than 500 published patent applications and issued patents classified by key technologies (CA, SU/MU-MIMO, Relay, Femtocell, MBMS, CoMP, SON, and HetNet) are identified as of Oct. 31, 2011.

The top 10 IPR holders are Qualcomm, RIM, InterDigital, LG, Samsung, AT&T, Innovative Sonic, HTC, Motorola, and Ericsson. If we compare the analysis to the case of 3.9G LTE patents landscape, there are new key players that were not in 3.9G LTE: Innovative Sonic and HTC. Especially, Innovative Sonic is a Taiwanese NPE that sued RIM in 2010 for 3G mobile technology.

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