Monday, September 12, 2011

Intel's InterDigital Patent Acquisition Strategy

Recently, Intel expressed its interest in acquisition of InterDigital's patents: The acquisition of InterDigital's patents will be a very good strategic option for Intel considering its current business portfolios.

To evaluate Intel's patent portfolio (issued patents and published applications), a keyword search of the USPTO data base was performed. As of Sep. 10 2010, there were total of 21,904 patents. Among 21,904 patents, the number of patents that are related to wireless communication technologies are 1,499. Among 1,499 patent, 341 patents are identified for claiming mobile phone related technology. The technologies for wireless patent portfolio cover WiFi, Zigbee, WiMAX, WRAN, BWA, RFID (NFC), and Bluetooth.

InterDigital's strongly mobile technology related patents, combined with Intel's strongly fixed wireless technology related patents will help Intel's business in emerging smartphone markets:
Fixed-mobile convergence (e.g. embedded WiFi + LTE chipsets), Mobile processors for smartphone, etc.

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