Friday, January 15, 2010

LTE Patents Essentiality Analysis

Recently, Fairfield Resources International, Inc. ( published interesting research for the essentiality analysis of LTE patents, which is very similar to the TechIPm, LLC’s research ‘LTE IPR Analysis Essentiality for OFDM/MIMO Standards 3Q. 2009’ (

Both research used the LTE patents declared to essential in ETSI online site. The difference was the selection of data set and scope: In TechIPm’s research, both the US issued patents and published applications are used while Fairfield Resources International used only the patents issued globally (US, EU, China, Korea, PCT). TechIPm’s analysis focused only on the OFDM/MIMO air interface standards for more extended data set compare to the whole scope of technology in the consideration of Fairfield Resources International’s analysis.

Because of the differences in each research's anlaysis, it is difficult to compare each other’s analysis results directly. However, both research found that it is no higher than 50% of chance to be essential for most IPR holder’s declared LTE essential patent candidates.

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