Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4G Smart Phone Chip Innovation Frontiers: CPU’s Speed & Security

IEEE Spectrum's special report recently selected the Intrinsity’s processor chip for smart phones, dubbed Hummingbird, as the year 2010’s winner for technology innovations (http://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/hardware/winner-intrinsitys-more-cerebral-cortex/2).

Intrinsity’s Hummingbird is a fast CPU, jointly developed with Samsung, based on ARM’s Cortex A8 architecture and Samsung’s 45nm LP (Low Power) process to provide a clock speed of 1GHz at a minimum supply voltage of 1V.

As the deployment of the 4G mobile services and a huge user demand for smart phones, it is expected that the mobile CPU which can provide a PC like performance will be the most competitive innovation frontiers in 2010.

In addition to the 4G mobile CPU’s speed, security will be the wildcard for the successful mass deployment of 4G smart phones.

Discretix's CryptoCell system is one of the state of art technology to provide the embedded security features for smart phones. CryptoCell includes a hardware core layer that can be implemented on the underlying modem chipset and middleware elements that create secure access to the hardware. It also includes the application-layer toolkits and APIs to support applications such as secure digital rights management, mobile TV security, IPSec etc.

Discretix's CryptoCell system is going to implemented in LG’s future LTE phones.

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