Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4G (LTE, WiMAX) Technology & IPR

Alex G. Lee, Ph.D. (Principal, TechIPm, LLC)

Trends & Issues with Strategic Patent Management for Mobile Communication Technologies:

1. Mobile Revolution Began with Patent

2. Patents at the Heart of Mobile Business: Qualcomm’s Profit Center

3. Beginning of 4 th Generation Mobile

4. Complex IPR Landscape 4.1 LTE IPR Landscape 4.2 Mobile WiMAX IPR Landscape

5. IPR Strategy: Strategic Alignment 5.1 IPR-Standardization Alignment Best Practice: LTE Case Study

6. Strategic Management of Patent Portfolio

7. Patent Portfolio Management: Mobile Telecom Case Study

8. Patent Portfolio Management: LTE Case Study (1)

9. Patent Portfolio Management: LTE Case Study (2)

10. Licensing Issues: Pool or Bilateral

11. NPE Issues: Evolution of IP business? 11.1 NPEs in Mobile Telecom 11.2 Pro or Con for the NPEs

Appendix. 4G IPR References

Hyeonwoo Lee, Ph.D. (Next G Mobile Program Director, Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

Roadmap and R&D Support in Mobile Communication:

1. Mobile Comm.Industry

2. Mobile Comm. R&D Roadmap

3. R&D Investment & IPR Status

4. R&D Support Policy

5. R&D Direction in Mobile Comm.

Junwon Lee (IPR Director, Samsung Electronics)

4G & Patent Portfolio:

1. Evolution to 4G

2. Standardization & IPR Portfolio for 4G

3. 4G & Patent Pools

Jari Varrio, Ph.D. (IPR Director, Nokia)

Patent portfolio creates value in many ways:

1.Multipurpose Devices

2. Innovations at Mobile Devices

3. Nokia IPR Assets

4. Innovations through Standards Collaboration

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