Saturday, October 17, 2009

US Mobile Telecom Patent Portfolios Analysis

Using the Innography, which is a business intelligent solution for IP management (, the patent portfolios for mobile communication technologies are analyzed. To find the key IPR (issued patents and published applications) holders and their patent portfolios, semantic method is used for the keyword searching of the US issued patent data base.

As of Oct. 15 2009, the key IPR holders and their IPR shares for mobile telecom are as follows:

Ericsson (3923), Nokia (3376), Motorola (3364), Samsung (2148), NEC (2061), Alcatel-Lucent (2013), Qualcomm (1997), MS (1884), Matsushita (1573), IBM (1544), Intel (1451), Sony (1356), and Nortel (1210).

Using the identified key IPR holders' patents, patent portfolios are compared with respect to portfolio quality measures (citations, number of patents, and technology coverage) and portfolio utilization measures (revenue, global families, and litigation information).

As for the mobile telecommunications, Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson form a leader group in portfolio management capability.

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