Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LTE Essential Patent IPR Shareholders 3Q 2009 Update

As of Aug. 31 2009, there are total of 18 IPR shareholders for LTE essential patent candidates in lists of ETSI IPR Online, which are issued, published, and pending patents at the USPTO: Alcatel-Lucent, Broadcom, Ericsson, ETRI, Huawei, iCODING, InterDigital, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and Texas Instruments.

Among the 18 IPR shareholders for LTE essential patent candidates, Qualcomm was the top (32%) followed by InterDigital (16%), Nokia (14%), and LG (11%) in IPR share as of Aug. 31 2009 in the US.

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